3NF06L Datasheet: N-Channel MOSFET

3NF06L N-Channel MOSFET Datasheet

Part Number 3NF06L
Description N-Channel MOSFET
Manufacture STMicroelectronics
Total Page 12 Pages
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Features: www.DataSheet4U.com N-CHANNEL 60V - 0.0 7Ω - 4A SOT-223 STripFET™ II POWER MOSFET TYPE STN3NF06L s s s s s STN3NF 06L VDSS 60 V RDS(on) < 0.1 Ω ID 4 A TYPICAL RDS(on) = 0.07 Ω EXCEPTION AL dv/dt CAPABILITY AVALANCHE RUGGED TE CHNOLOGY 100% AVALANCHE TESTED LOW THRE SHOLD DRIVE 2 1 DESCRIPTION This Powe r MOSFET is the latest development of S TMicroelectronis unique "Single Feature Size™" strip-based process. The resu lting transistor shows extremely high p acking density for low onresistance, ru gged avalanche characteristics and less critical alignment steps therefore a r emarkable manufacturing reproducibility . APPLICATIONS s DC-DC & DC-AC COVERTER S s DC MOTOR CONTROL (DISK DRIVERS, etc .) s SYNCHRONOUS RECTIFICATION SOT-223 2 3 INTERNAL SCHEMATIC DIAGRAM ABSO LUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS Symbol VDS VDGR VG S ID(•) ID IDM(••) Ptot dv/dt (1) Parameter Drain-source Voltage (VGS = 0) Drain-gate Voltage (RGS = 20 kΩ) Gate- source Voltage Drain Current (continuous) at TC = 25°C Drain Current (conti.

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N-channel 60 V, 0.07 Ω typ., 4 A STripFET™ II
Power MOSFET in a SOT-223 package
Datasheet - production data
Figure 1: Internal schematic diagram
Order code
60 V
RDS(on) max.
0.1 Ω
Exceptional dv/dt capability
100% avalanche tested
Low threshold drive
Switching applications
This Power MOSFET series realized with
STMicroelectronics unique STripFET™ process
is specifically designed to minimize input
capacitance and gate charge. It is therefore ideal
as a primary switch in advanced high-efficiency
isolated DC-DC converters for Telecom and
Computer applications. It is also suitable for any
application with low gate charge drive
Order code
Table 1: Device summary
Tape and reel
July 2017
DocID7798 Rev 9
This is information on a product in full production.


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