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H8S Series Compact Emulator
Microcomputer Development Environment System

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Features www.DataSheet4U.com 16 CE2000 H8S Seri es Compact Emulator Microcomputer Devel opment Environment System 2003.10 www .DataSheet4U.com - Blank Page - www.D ataSheet4U.com User’s Manual Publish ed by : Renesas System Solutions Asia P te. Ltd. Date : October 3rd, 2003, Vers ion 2.0 Copyright(C) Renesas System Sol utions Asia Pte. Ltd. All rights reserv ed. Trademarks a) General All brand or product names used in this manual are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies or organizat ions. b) Specific Microsoft, MS and MS- DOS are registered trademarks. Windows and Windows NT are trademarks of Micros oft Corporation. Pentium is a registere d trademark of Intel. www.DataSheet4U. com IMPORTANT INFORMATION READ this us er’s manual before using this emulato r product. KEEP the user’s manual ha ndy for future reference. Do not attem pt to use the product until you fully u nderstand its mechanism. ALExxxx & CEx xxx Emulator: Throughout this document, the term “ALExxxx emulator” &.
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