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Part DS1410D
Description Parallel Port Button Holder
Feature DS1410D DS1410D Parallel Port Button Holder FEATURES DS1410D BUTTON HOLDER PRESS • Provides a pa.
Manufacture Dallas Semiconductor
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DS1410D DS1410D Parallel Port Button Holder FEATURES DS14 DS1410D Datasheet
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Parallel Port Button Holder
Provides a parallel port interface for Dallas Buttons
No external power required
Coexists with other parallel port resident products
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Used to protect applications installed on a system
The DS1410D Parallel Port Button Holder interfaces
Dallas Semiconductor Authorization Buttons to host
computers via a PC parallel port. In conjunction with the
Buttons, the DS1410D provides a high security storage
vault for critical execution control information. Only
users that possess a Button can utilize the software,
preventing execution of unauthorized copies.
The modularity of the DS1410D allows for easy feature
customization. The device supports the insertion of two
Buttons, which can be removed and replaced to vary
For example, a DS1427 Time Button can be pro-
grammed for a 30 day expiration, issued with a
DS1410D, and a software copy. The evaluator can be
converted into a registered user by issuing a DS1425
Button and inserting it into the second receptacle.
The DS1410D supports the same Buttons as other Dal-
las Button Holders. This allows standardization of any
protection scheme across virtually all hardware plat-
forms, regardless of the operating system. The Buttons
remain constant, and the Button holders change
according to the specific platform interface.
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The DS1410D Development Kit contains access sys-
tem software which must be linked with the application
software in order to complete integration. The support
for the application development environments and
operating systems lies in the interface software of the
access system. The access system contains the low
level interface for communicating with the Buttons.
NOTE: The DS1410D is not object code compatible
with the DS1410. However, both object modules can
co–exist to provide support for both holders.
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the parallel port I/O
stacked with other
DS1410D’s or other parallel port resident devices.
The DS1410D attaches directly to the PC parallel port.
If use of a printer is desired, the DS1410D should reside
between the parallel port and the printer cable. With
system and printer both off, simply plug the 25–pin male
D connector side of the DS1410D into the PC parallel
port and then plug the printer cable into the 25–pin
female D connector side of the DS1410D. The top and
bottom screws that reside on the DS1410D and the
printer cable should then be tightened accordingly.
Attaching another parallel port device is not required to
operate the DS1410D.
To cascade DS1410D’s, simply follow the same direc-
tions as above, inserting DS1410D 25–pin D male and
female connectors accordingly.
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