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Part Number CL-L102-C3N
Description LED Lamp
Manufacture ETC
Total Page 9 Pages
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Features: SPECIFICATIONS 1/9 1. Scope of Applica tion These specifications are applied t o the chip type LED lamp , model CL-L10 2-C3N 2. Part code CL-L102-C3N www.Da Series L102 : White powe r LED for general lighting. Watt Class C3 : 3 watt pakage. Lighting color N : White color rank N. Approved Checked D rawn Symbol Name CL-L102-C3N 2007.9.5 New implementation Drawing No CITIZE N ELECTRONICS CO.,LTD. Ref.CE-P198 09/0 7 Mark Date Description Appro. SPEC IFICATIONS 2/9 3. Outline drawing Ano de mark Anode Cathode Board www.DataSh Tc measuring-point(Board sid e) Unit : mm Tolerances unless otherwi se specified : 0.3 4. Performance ( 1 ) Absolute Maximum Rating Parameter Sym bol Power Dissipation Pd Forward Curren t IF Forward Pulse Current Reverse Volt age Operating Temperature Storage Tempe rature IFP VR TOP TST Rating Value 6 50 0 800 15 -20 ~ +85 -30 ~ +100 Unit W mA mA V ℃ ℃ *1 Junction Temperat ure Tj Max 120 ℃ *2 *1Forward Current : Duty<=1/10 , Pulse Width<=10mse.

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1. Scope of Application
These specifications are applied to the chip type LED lamp , model CL-L102-C3N
2. Part code
L102 : White power LED for general lighting.
Watt Class
C3 : 3 watt pakage.
Lighting color
N : White color rank N.
Mark Date
New implementation
Description Appro.
Approved Checked Drawn
Drawing No
Ref.CE-P198 09/07


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