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Low-Drop Voltage Regulator
TLE 4276
• 5 V, 8.5 V, 10 V or variable output voltage
www.DataSheet4U.Ocomutput voltage tolerance ® 4%
• 400 mA current capability
• Low-drop voltage
• Inhibit input
• Very low current consumption
• Short-circuit-proof
• Reverse polarity proof
• Suitable for use in automotive electronics
Ordering Code Package
TLE 4276 V50 Q67000-A9262 P-TO220-5-3
TLE 4276 V85 Q67000-A9263 P-TO220-5-3
TLE 4276 V10 Q67000-A9264 P-TO220-5-3
TLE 4276 V
Q67000-A9265 P-TO220-5-3
TLE 4276 S V50 Q67000-A9267 P-TO220-5-43
TLE 4276 S V85 Q67000-A9269 P-TO220-5-43
TLE 4276 S V10 Q67000-A9271 P-TO220-5-43
TLE 4276 SV Q67000-A9273 P-TO220-5-43
TLE 4276 G V50 Q67006-A9266 P-TO220-5-122
TLE 4276 G V85 Q67006-A9268 P-TO220-5-122
TLE 4276 G V10 Q67006-A9270 P-TO220-5-122
TLE 4276 GV Q67006-A9272 P-TO220-5-122
TLE 4276 D V50 Q67006-A9369 P-TO252-5-1
TLE 4276 DV Q67006-A9361 P-TO252-5-1
SMD = Surface Mounted Device
New type
P-TO 220-5-122
(TO-220 AB/5, Option E3122)
Data Sheet Version 2.2

TLE 4276
Functional Description
The TLE 4276 is a low-drop voltage regulator in a TO package. The IC regulates an input
voltage up to 40 V to VQ,nom = 5.0 V (V50), 8.5 V (V85), 10 V (V10) and adjustable voltage
(V). The maximum output current is 400 mA. The IC can be switched off via the inhibit
input, which causes the current consumption to drop below 10 A. The IC is short-circuit-
proof and includes temperature protection which turns off the device at overtemperature.
www.DataSheeDt4Uim.comensioning Information on External Components
The input capacitor CI is necessary for compensation of line influences. Using a resistor
of approx. 1 τ in series with CI, the oscillating of input inductivity and input capacitance
can be damped. The output capacitor CQ is necessary for the stability of the regulation
circuit. Stability is guaranteed at values CQ 22 F and an ESR of ® 3 τ within the
operating temperature range.
Circuit Description
The control amplifier compares a reference voltage to a voltage that is proportional to the
output voltage and drives the base of the series transistor via a buffer. Saturation control
as a function of the load current prevents any oversaturation of the power element. The
IC also incorporates a number of internal circuits for protection against:
• Overload
• Overtemperature
• Reverse polarity
Data Sheet Version 2.2

Features Low-Drop Voltage Regulator TLE 4276 Fe atures www.DataSheet4U.com • Output • 5 V, 8.5 V, 10 V or variable output voltage voltage tolerance ® 4% • 40 0 mA current capability • Low-drop vo ltage • Inhibit input • Very low cu rrent consumption • Short-circuit-pro of • Reverse polarity proof • Suita ble for use in automotive electronics O rdering Code Package Q67000-A9262 Q6700 0-A9263 Q67000-A9264 Q67000-A9265 Q6700 0-A9267 Q67000-A9269 Q67000-A9271 Q6700 0-A9273 P-TO220-5-3 P-TO220-5-3 P-TO220 -5-3 P-TO220-5-3 P-TO220-5-43 P-TO220-5 -43 P-TO220-5-43 P-TO220-5-43 P-TO220-5 -122 P-TO220-5-122 P-TO220-5-122 P-TO22 0-5-122 P-TO252-5-1 P-TO252-5-1 P-TO22 0-5-3 Type TLE 4276 V50 TLE 4276 V85 T LE 4276 V10 TLE 4276 V TLE 4276 S V50 T LE 4276 S V85 TLE 4276 S V10 TLE 4276 S V P-TO-220-5-43 TLE 4276 G V50 Q67006 -A9266 TLE 4276 G V85 Q67006-A9268 TLE 4276 G V10 Q67006-A9270 TLE 4276 GV Q67 006-A9272 P-TO 220-5-122 (TO-220 AB/5, Option E3122)  TLE 4276 D V50 Q67006-A9369  TLE 4276 DV Q67006-A9361  SMD = S.
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