P5NC70Z Datasheet, Equivalent, STP5NC70Z.


Part P5NC70Z
Description STP5NC70Z
Feature STP5NC70Z - STP5NC70ZFP STB5NC70Z - STB5NC70Z-1 N-CHANNEL 700V - 1.8Ω - 4.6A TO-220/FP/D²PAK/I²PAK Zener-Protected PowerMESH™III MOSFET TYPE STP5NC70Z/FP STB5NC70Z/-1 s s VDSS 700V 700V RDS(on) <2Ω <2Ω ID 4.6 A 4.6 A 1 3 s s s TYPICAL RDS(on) = 1.8 Ω EXTREMELY HIGH dv/dt AND CAPABILITY GATE TO - SOURCE ZENER DIODES 100% AVALANCHE TESTED VERY LOW GATE INPUT RESISTANCE GATE CHARGE MINIMIZED D²PAK 1 2 3 TO-220 TO-220FP 12 3 DESCRIPTION The third generation of MESH OVERLAY™ Power MOSFETs for very high voltage exhibits unsurpassed on-resistance per unit area while in.
Manufacture STMicroelectronics
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P5NC70Z   P5NC70Z

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P5NC70Z Datasheet



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