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Part STV8116
Description 162 RGB x 132 single chip true 262K color OLED controller/driver
Feature www.DataSheet4U.com STV8116 162 RGB x 132 single chip true 262K color OLED controller/driver Data B.
Manufacture STMicroelectronics
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162 RGB x 132 single chip true 262K color OLED controller/driver
Data Brief
162x132 display matrix
200µA max column current
100mA max row current
On-chip DC/DC step-up converter supplied
from a 2.3 to 6V battery
Low power optimization:
– automatic precharge voltage
– Vrowoff optimization voltage
– Vpp self adjustment
262Kcolor mode among 2M color Palette (24-
bit look-up table for gamma settings)
Dual partial display modes
Vertical scrolling
Programmable number of lines
Programmable frame rate, 165Hz max.
Selectable input interfaces (read and write),
operating voltage compatible with 1.8V as well
as 3.3V signals:
– 68000 and 8080 parallel interfaces
– 3-wire and 4-wire SPI interfaces
– 3-wire, 9-bit serial interface
Fully integrated oscillator requires no external
7-bit RGB brightness control
5-bit luminance control
Low-voltage digital supply range: 1.65 to 1.95V
Low-voltage analog supply range: 2.2 to 3.6V
3.3V single supply with on-chip 1.8V LDO
High-voltage display supply range: 4.5 to 22V
One Time Programmable (OTP) non-volatile
embedded memory
Delivered in bumped die for chip-on-glass
(COG) or chip-on-foil (COF).
The STV8116 is a low-power CMOS
controller/driver “combo” IC for passive OLED
displays featuring extremely low current
Designed to drive displays of up to 132 rows by
162 columns with 262K colors, the STV8116
provides all necessary functions in a single chip,
including an on-chip DC/DC step-up converter
resulting in a minimum of externals components.
This IC provides automatic precharge and
Vrowoff voltages as well as self adjustment of the
Vpp voltage. Global power management is
automatically adjusted to changes in brightness
levels, aging of the display and temperature.
Embedded OTP memory allows various
adjustments and storages such as white balance,
gamma table and frame frequency. These
features contribute to enhanced picture quality,
low power dissipation, improved robustness and
reduced manufacturing cost.
A complete set of digital functions reduces host
microcontroller overhead to manage complex
display configurations and fast moving image data
transfers to the display RAM of the STV8116.
STV8116 features five standard I/O interfaces (3-
wire serial, 3-wire SPI, 4-wire SPI, 68000 parallel
and 8080 parallel) for easy interfacing with the
host microcontroller.
December 2006
Rev 1
For further information contact your local STMicroelectronics sales office.

Table 1.
Key features and benefits
Fully automatic precharge system
Gray scale by pulse width modulation
262Kcolors selected among 16M colors.
On-chip DC/DC converter
On-chip oscillator
Embedded OTP memory
Interface operating voltage @ 1.8V
Figure 1. Functional block diagram
Precise pixel voltage settings with any brightness
current value and with any change of OLED pixel
physical characteristics due to aging or
Improved power consumption.
Improved image quality.
Improved OLED pixel reliability.
Enables Gamma correction and guarantees finer
picture quality
Reduced number of system components
Allows parameters setting for calibration at
module maker
Direct interface with system host:
- reduced number of system components
- optimization for next generation of handsets

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