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Part SC2642
Description Multi-Platform Two-Phase PWM Controller
Feature POWER MANAGEMENT Description The SC2642 provides microprocessor core voltage re.
Manufacture Semtech Corporation
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The SC2642 provides microprocessor core voltage
regulation solution with two paralleled PWM channels.
Multi-phase buck regulator utilizes the phase-shift tim-
ing control to allow interleaved switching of the power
switches. This architecture minimizes the core voltage
ripple and the input current ripple, which leads to opti-
mized voltage regulator design for power density, tran-
sient responses, and the thermal performances.
To satisfy the highly dynamic nature of the modern
microprocessors, the SC2642 adopts peak current mode
control topology which ensures wide control loop band-
width and fast transient responses. The current mode
control provides intrinsic phase current matching. The
maximum ripple frequency is greater than 1MHz.
One of the outstanding features of the SC2642 is its volt-
age regulation accuracy. Not only it provides better than
1% set point accuracy, but also the accuracy to fully com-
plaint with the stringent load line slope specifications
mandated by the modern microprocessors.Lossless out-
put current sensing ensures the regulator output voltage
is accurately positioned according to the load current con-
dition, and an internal temperature compensation tech-
nology further enhances the performance of voltage ac-
The patented Combi-SenseTM topology is employed by
SC2642. The MOSFET Rds(on) and the output inductor
winding resistance are used to generate the phase cur-
rent information. The Combi-SenseTM MOSFET driver plus
the SC2642 enables the complete solution.
Two-Phase PWM Controller
The VID structure of the SC2642 supports VID-on-Fly ap-
plications for any platform. The cycle-by-cycle current limit
plus the intelligent over current shut down provide the
maximum versatility of the system without false tripping
under all possible changes of VID and load conditions.
The differential voltage feedback sense eliminates the
error caused by high load current on the ground plane.
External offset is easy to achieve for any platforms and
the VID settings. The enable function is also provided to
interface with the corresponding system signal for correct
start up timing and shut down timing.
! VRD/VRM10.0, VRM9.X, and K-8 compliant
! Core Voltage Set Point Accuracy 0.5%
! Combi-SenseTM Current Mode Control
! Intrinsic Phase Current Matching
! Fast Transient Responses
! Active Droop with Temperature Compensation to Meet
Load Line Slope
! Support VID-on-Fly with 5 or 6 bit VID
! Enable Function for Power Sequencing
! Cycle-by-Cycle Peak Current Limit
! Intelligent Over Current Shut Down
! Over Voltage Protection When Using Semtech
Combi-SenseTM Driver SC1211
! Under Voltage Protection Built in
! External programmable Soft-Start
! Externally programmable switching frequency (up to
1MHz output ripple frequency)
The SC2642 is a multi-platform controller. It conforms to
Intel VRM/VRD10.0, VRM9.X, and AMD K-8 (OpteronTM)
VID specifications. With very minor changes of the sche-
matic and the layout, the SC2642 based solution can be
ported form one platform to another. This greatly ben-
efits the system manufactures for reductions of design
cycle and minimize the inventory management.
! Voltage Regulator VRD10.x
! Voltage Regulator VRM9.X
! Voltage Regulator K-8
! High Current, Low Voltage Step Down DC/DC
April 22, 2005

Typical Application Circuit
11 DR N2
12 TG2
13 BST2 VR EG2 8
14 CO2
VIN2 7
15 NC
VPN2 6
16 VPN 1
NC 5
17 VIN1
CO1 4
18 VREG1 BST1 3
19 BG1
TG1 2
20 PGN D D RN1 1
2005 Semtech Corp.

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