NCP5212T Datasheet, Equivalent, Step-Down Controller.

Single Synchronous Step-Down Controller

Part NCP5212T
Description Single Synchronous Step-Down Controller
Feature NCP5212A, NCP5212T Single Synchronous Step-Down Controller The NCP5212A/NCP5212T is a synchronous stepdown controller for high performance systems battery −power systems. The NCP5212A/NCP5212T includes a high efficiency PWM controller. A pin is provided to allow two devices in interleaved operation. An internal power good voltage monitor tracks the SMPS output. NCP5212A/NCP5212T also features soft−start sequence, UVLO for VCC and switcher, overvoltage protection, overcurrent protection, undervoltage protection and thermal shutdown. The IC is packaged in QFN16 Features http.
Manufacture ON Semiconductor
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NCP5212T   NCP5212T

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