G0089 Datasheet (data sheet) PDF

G0089 Datasheet, Dye Sensitised Indoor Photovoltaic Module


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Dye  Sensitised  Indoor  Photovoltaic  Module B L E X I L E Indy4050 dl ong  =100mm N.B.Image  not  to  sc ale data  sheet Power  connections are  suitable for  crimp  connectio n  or  soldered   _ ve connection   with  the  appropriate   use  of   heat-­shunt  tweezers  to   ensure  minimal  heating  of  the   polym er  material.   F +1.0mm -­1.0mm Parameter Open  circuit  voltage Sh ort  circuit  current Operating  vol tage Operating  current Thickness Mass F36W-­827  Fluorescent  tubes G24i ’s  dye  sensitised  indoor  phot ovoltaic  modules   have  been  opt imised  to  work  under  indoor  lighting   providing  the  highest  power  den

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