U74AHCT1G00 Datasheet, Equivalent, NAND GATE.


Part U74AHCT1G00
Description 2-INPUT NAND GATE
Feature UNISONIC TECHNOLOGIES CO., LTD U74AHCT1G00 2-INPUT NAND GATE CMOS IC „ DESCRIPTION The U74AHCT1G00 is a 2-input NAND gate which provides the Function Y=A*B . „ FEATURES ICC=1.0μA(Max) tpd=5ns(Typ) * Low power dissipation: * High speed: * High noise immunity *Pb-free plating product number: U74AHCT1G00L „ ORDERING INFORMATION Package SOT-25 SOT-353 Packing Tape Reel Tape Reel Ordering Number Normal Lead Free Plating U74AHCT1G00-AF5-R U74AHCT1G00L-AF5-R U74AHCT1G00-AL5-R U74AHCT1G00L-AL5-R „ 3 MARKING 2 T00 4 5 1 Lead Plating Copyright © 200.
Manufacture Unisonic Technologies
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U74AHCT1G00   U74AHCT1G00

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U74AHCT1G00 Datasheet



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