SLG8SP513 Datasheet, Equivalent, Clock Synthesizer.

Clock Synthesizer

Part SLG8SP513
Description Clock Synthesizer
Feature SLG8SP513 Clock Synthesizer for Intel Mobile PCI-Express Chipset Features • Low Power CK505 compatible clock synthesizer • SLG8SP513 is a cost reduced CK505 with integrated voltage regulator for mobile applications • Scalable Low Voltage VDD I/O (3.3V to 1.05V) to reduce power consumption • Low Power differential outputs with integrated series termination resistors (50 ohm resistor to GND and 33 ohm series resistor not needed) • Integrated CK_SSCD function to provide additional Spread Spectrum support for GMCH • CLK_REQ# inputs to support SRC clock power management • 64 pin QFN Package Outpu.
Manufacture Silego Technology
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SLG8SP513   SLG8SP513

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SLG8SP513 Datasheet



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