H-8-4 Datasheet (data sheet) PDF

H-8-4 Datasheet, Broadband Two-Way Power Divider 2 MHz - 2 GHz

H-8-4   H-8-4  

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Broadband Two-Way Power Divider 2 MHz - 2 GHz Features q q q H-8-4 V2.00 C-19 11 Octave Coverage Low Loss – 1.25 dB Max High Isolation – 20 dB Min Gu aranteed Specifications* Dimensions i n ( ) are in mm. Unless Otherwise Noted : .xxx = ±0.015 (.x = ±0.4) WEIGHT (A PPROX.): 5.47 OUNCES 155 GRAMS Operati ng Characteristics MIL-STD-202 screeni ng available. *All specifications appl y with 50 ohm source and load impedance . Ordering Information Part No. H-8-4 H-8-4 H-8-4 H-8-4 N SMA TNC BNC Package Connectorized Connectorized Connectori zed Connectorized Figure 1. 2-Way, In- Phase (0°) PowerDivider/Summer, or ISO -T M/A-COM Division of AMP Incorpor

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