PFR20100CTF Datasheet, Equivalent, Schottky Rectifier.

Schottky Rectifier

Part PFR20100CTF
Description Schottky Rectifier
Feature PFC Device Corporation PFR20100CT PFR20100CTF PFR20100CTI PFR20100CTB the following features are made possible in a single device: Major ratings and characteristics Characteristics Values IF(AV) Rectangular Waveform 20 VRRM 100 VF@10A, Tj=125℃ Tj(operating/storage) 0.66 -65 to 175 Units A V V, typ ℃ ELECTRICAL: * Ultra-Low Forward Voltage Drop * Reliable High Temperature Operation * Softest, fast switching capability * 175OC Operating Junction Temperature * Lead Free Finish, RoHS Compliant Device optimized for ultra-low forward voltage drop to maximize efficiency in Power Supply .
Manufacture PFC Device Corporation
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PFR20100CTF   PFR20100CTF

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PFR20100CTF Datasheet



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