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Part IS1690S
Description Bluetooth 3.0 Multi-Speaker Stereo Audio SOC
Feature IS1690S SoC Bluetooth® 3.0 Multi-Speaker Stereo Audio SOC Features System Specification  Complian.
Manufacture ISSC
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IS1690S SoC Bluetooth® 3.0 Multi-Speaker Stereo Audio SOC IS1690S Datasheet
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IS1690S SoC
Bluetooth® 3.0 Multi-Speaker Stereo Audio SOC
System Specification
Compliant with Bluetooth Specification v.3.0 +
EDR in 2.4 GHz ISM band
It supports following profiles :
- Hands Free 1.5
- Headset 1.0
- A2DP 1.0
- AVRCP 1.0
Baseband Hardware
16MHz main clock input
Built-in internal ROM for program memory
Support to connect to two hosts ( phones,
tablets…) with HFP or A2DP profiles
Adaptive Frequency Hopping (AFH) avoids
occupied RF channels
Fast Connection supported
RF Hardware
Fully Bluetooth 3.0 + EDR system in 2.4 GHz
ISM band.
Combined TX/RX RF terminal simplifies external
matching and reduces external antenna
Max. +4dBm output power with 20 dB level
control from register control.
Built-in T/R switch for Class 2/3 application
To avoid temperature variation, temperature
sensor with temperature calibration is utilized
into bias current and gain control.
Fully integrated synthesizer has been created.
There requires no external VCO, varactor diode,
resonator and loop filter.
Crystal oscillation with built-in digital trimming for
temperature/process variations.
Audio processor
Support A-Law or -Law PCM format, or CVSD
(Continuous Variable Slope Delta Modulation)
for SCO channel operation.
Noise suppression
Echo suppression
SBC decoding
Packet loss concealment
Build-in one languages (English) voice prompts
and 20 events for each one
Support SCMS-T
Audio Codec
16 bit DAC and 16 bit ADC codec
94dB SNR DAC playback
85 dB SNR ADC.
Built-in Lithium-ion battery charger (up to 350mA)
Integrate 3V, 1.8V configurable switching regulator
and LDO
Built-in ADC for battery monitor and voltage sense.
A aux-in port for external audio input
Two LED drivers
Flexible HCI interface
High speed HCI-UART (Universal Asynchronous
Receiver Transmitter) interface (up to 921600bps)
7x7mm2 56QFN package
IS1690S multi-speaker stereo audio chip is a
compact, highly integrated, CMOS single-chip RF and
baseband IC for Bluetooth v3.0 with Enhanced Data
Rate 2.4GHz applications. This chip is fully compliant
with Bluetooth specification and completely backward-
compatible with Bluetooth 2.0 or 1.2 systems.
It incorporates Bluetooth 1M/2M/3Mbps RF, single-
cycle 8bit MCU, TX/RX modem, 5-port memory
controller, task/hopping controller, UART interface,
and ISSC’s own Bluetooth software stack to achieve
the required BT v3.0 with EDR functions.
To provide the superior audio and voice quality, it
also integrates a DSP co-processor, a PLL, and a
CODEC dedicated for voice and audio applications.
For voice, not only basic CVSD encoding and
decoding but also enhanced noise reduction and echo
cancellation are implemented by the built-in DSP to
achieve better quality in both sending and receiving
sides. For the enhanced audio applications, SBC
decoding functions can be also carried out by DSP to
satisfy Bluetooth A2DP requirements.
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In addition, to minimize the external components
required for portable devices, a battery voltage
sensor , battery charger, a switching regulator and
LDO are integrated to reduce system BOM cost for
various Bluetooth applications.
IS1690S SoC
Stereo headsets
Portable speakerphones
Multi speaker.
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