ESDF7V0D5 Datasheet PDF

Part Number ESDF7V0D5
Manufacturer JCET
Title ESD Protection Diode
Description Designed to protect voltage sensitive electronic components from ESD and other transients. Excellent clamping capability, low leakage, and fast re...
 Uni-directional ESD protection of one line
 Reverse stand−off voltage: 7V
 Low reverse clamping voltage
 Low leakage current
 Excellent package:1.20mm×0.80mm×0.60mm
 Fast response time
 JESD22-A114-B ESD Rating of class 3B per human body model
 IEC 61000-4-2 Level 4 ESD protection APPLICA...

File Size 744.04KB
Datasheet ESDF7V0D5 PDF File

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