Part Number GS8673EQ36BGK
Manufacturer GSI Technology
Title 72Mb SigmaQuad-IIIe Burst of 2 ECCRAM
Description Symbol Description SA D[35:0] Q[35:0] QVLD[1:0] CK, CK KD[1:0], KD[1:0] CQ[1:0], CQ[1:0] Address—Read Address is registered on ↑CK and Write A...
• On-Chip ECC with virtually zero SER
• Configurable Read Latency (3.0 or 2.0 cycles)
• Simultaneous Read and Write SigmaQuad-IIIe™ Interface
• Separate I/O Bus
• Double Data Rate interface
• Burst of 2 Read and Write
• Pipelined read operation
• Fully coherent Read and Write pipelines
• 1.35V nomin...

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