GM72V66841ELT Datasheet PDF

Part Number GM72V66841ELT
Manufacturer Hynix Semiconductor
Title 2M x 8-Bit x 4 Bank SDRAM
Description The GM72V66841ET/ELT is a synchronous dynamic random access memory comprised of 67,108,864 memory cells and logic including input and output circu...
Features * PC133/PC100/PC66 Compatible -7(143MHz)/-75(133MHz)/-8(125MHz) -7K(PC100,2-2-2)/-7J(PC100,3-2-2) * 3.3V single Power supply * LVTTL interface * Max Clock frequency 143/133/125/100MHz * 4,096 refresh cycle per 64 ms * Two kinds of refresh operation Auto refresh / Self refresh * Programmable burst ac...

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Datasheet GM72V66841ELT PDF File

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