Part Number IQXC-25
Manufacturer IQD
Title Quartz Crystal
Description 2.0 x 1.2mm SMD crystal in a hermetically sealed ceramic package with an electron beam sealed metal lid. Suitable for real time clock applications...
Features ...

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Datasheet IQXC-25 PDF File

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IQXC-228-AUTO : Ceramic package with a hermetically seam sealed metal lid suitable for automotive applications. Qualified to AEC-Q200 and with TS16949 release. -A 2 pad -B 4 pad Frequency Parameters Frequency Frequency Tolerance Tolerance Condition Frequency Stability Ageing Electrical Parameters Load Capacitance (CL) Shunt Capacitance (C0) Drive Level Operating Temperature Ranges -40 to 85°C -40 to 125°C 10.0MHz to 70.0MHz ±10.00ppm to ±50.00ppm @ 25°C ±15.00ppm to ±100.00ppm ±5ppm max per year @ 25°C 8.0pF to 75.0pF 7pF max 50µW standard Environmental Parameters Storage Temperature Range: –40 to 150°C Qualified to AEC-Q200 Ordering Information Frequency* Model* Variant* Frequency Tolerance (@ 25°C)* .

IQXC-26 : Standard 1.6 x 1.2mm SMD crystal in a hermetically sealed ceramic package with a sealed metal lid Frequency Parameters Frequency 24.0MHz to 80.0MHz Frequency Tolerance ±10.00ppm to ±100.00ppm Tolerance Condition @ 25°C Frequency Stability ±10.00ppm to ±100.00ppm Ageing ±5ppm max per year @ 25°C Developed frequencies: 24.0MHz, 26.0MHz, 27.0MHz, 27.120MHz, 32.0MHz, 36.0MHz, 37.40MHz, 38.40MHz, 40.0MHz, 48.0MHz Crystals have been developed at the above frequencies and with the following specification - Tolerance: ±10ppm Stability: ±15ppm over -20 to 70°C ±30ppm over -40 to 85°C For alternative frequencies and specifications please contact an IQD Sales Office Electrical Param.

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