BH26FB1WHFV Datasheet PDF

Part Number BH26FB1WHFV
Manufacturer ROHM
Title Standard CMOS LDO Regulators
Description The BHŜŜFB1W, BHŜŜLB1W and BHŜŜMA3W series are low dropout CMOS regulators with 150 mA and 300 mA output that have ±1% high accuracy output voltag...
Features 1) High accuracy output voltage: ±1% 2) High ripple rejection ratio: 70 dB (BHŜŜFB1WHFV/WG, BHŜŜLB1WHFV/WG) 3) Low dropout voltage: 60 mV (when current is 100 mA) (BHŜŜMA3WHFV) 4) Stable with ceramic output capacitors 5) Low Bias current : 40µA (IO = 50 mA) (BHŜŜFB1WHFV/WG) 6) Output voltage ON/OFF ...

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Datasheet BH26FB1WHFV PDF File

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