MBR6545 Datasheet PDF

Part Number MBR6545
Manufacturer Motorola
Title Switchmode Power Rectifier
Description ...
Features ...

File Size 124.80KB
Datasheet MBR6545 PDF File

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MBR6545 : MBR6535-MBR6545 High-reliability discrete products and engineering services since 1977 65 A SCHOTTKY RECTIFIERS FEATURES  Available as “HR” (high reliability) screened per MIL-PRF-19500, JANTX level. Add “HR” suffix to base part number.  Available as non-RoHS (Sn/Pb plating), standard, and as RoHS by adding “-PBF” suffix. MAXIMUM RATINGS Rating Peak repetitive reverse voltage Working peak reverse voltage DC blocking voltage Peak repetitive forward current (Rated VR, square wave, 20kHz) Average rectified forward current (Rated VR) Peak repetitive reverse surge current (2.0µs, 1.0kHz) Non-repetitive peak surge current (surge applied at rated load conditions, halfwave, single phase,.

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