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Part Number 1N6323US
Description This voidless hermetically sealed zener is military qualified per MIL-PRF-19500/533 and is targeted for space, commerical and military aircraft, ...
Features / BENEFITS:  Hermetic, non-cavity glass package  Category I Metallurgically bonded  All devices are 100% hot solder dipped  JAN/ JANTX/JANTXV available per MIL-PRF-19500/533  “JANS Plus” removes atypical/out of family VZ MAXIMUM RATINGS  All ratings are @ Tc = 25 °C unless otherwise specified...

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Datasheet 1N6323US PDF File

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1N6323US : This Zener Voltage Regulator series is military qualified to MIL-PRF19500/533 and is ideal for high-reliability applications where a failure cannot be tolerated. These industry-recognized 0.5 Watt Zener Voltage Regulators are hermetically sealed with voidless-glass construction using an internal metallurgical bond. It includes Zener selections from 2.4 to 200 volts in standard 5% tolerances as well as tighter tolerances identified by different suffix letters on the part number. They are also available in axialleaded packages (see separate data sheet for 1N6309 thru 1N6355). Microsemi also offers numerous other Zener products to meet higher and lower power ratings in both thru-hole and surfac.

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