Part Number L6387E
Manufacturer STMicroelectronics
Title High voltage high and low-side driver
Description The L6387E is a simple and compact high voltage gate driver, manufactured with the BCD™ “offline” technology, and able to drive a half-bridge of p...
 High voltage rail up to 600 V
 dV/dt immunity ± 50 V/nsec in full temperature range
 Driver current capability
  – 400 mA source
  – 650 mA sink
 Switching times 50/30 nsec rise/fall with 1 nF load
 CMOS/TTL Schmitt trigger inputs with hysteresis and pull-down
 Internal bootstrap diode
 Outputs ...

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L6387 : dThe L6387 is an high-voltage device, manufacrotured with the BCD"OFF-LINE" technology. It has Pa Driver structure that enables to drive inde- pendent referenced N Channel Power MOS or ORDERING NUMBERS: L6387D L6387 IGBT. The Upper (Floating) Section is enabled to work with voltage Rail up to 600V. The Logic Inputs are CMOS/TTL compatible for ease of interfacing with controlling devices. oleteBLOCK DIAGRAM ct(s) - ObsBOOTSTRAP DRIVER roduVCC 3 UV DETECTION te P2 leHIN bso1 O LIN LOGIC LEVEL SHIFTER R S 8 Vboot HVG DRIVER 7 VCC 6 5 H.V. HVG OUT LVG Cboot TO LOAD LVG DRIVER 4 G.

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