TA2057F Datasheet PDF

Part Number TA2057F
Manufacturer Toshiba
Description ...
Features ...

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Datasheet TA2057F PDF File

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TA2057N : SAW Filter 1214.5 MHz SMD 3.0×3.0 mm (BW=47 MHz) TST Part No.: TA2057A Customer Part No.: Customer signature required Company: Division: Approved by : Date: Checked by: Approved by: Date: David Chang Bob Chau 11/14/2016 1. Customer signed back is required before TST can proceed with sample build and receive orders. 2. Orders received without customer signed back will be regarded as agreement on the specifications. 3. Any specifications changes must be approved upon by both parties and a new revision of specifications shall be released to reflect the changes. TAI-SAW TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. TST DCC Release document FR-71S03-02 TAI-SAW TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. No. 3, Industrial 2nd Rd., Ping-.

TA2057N : TOSHIBA Bipolar Linear Integrated Circuit Silicon Monolithic TA2057N AM / FM IF + FM St DET (for digital tuning system) TA2057N TA2057N is the AM / FM IF + FM St DET system IC, which is designed for DTS radios. This IC is included many functions and these can be used for digital tuning system with IF counter. Features · Suitable for combination with digital tuning system which has IF counter. · One terminal type AM / FM IF count output (auto stop signal) for IF counter of digitl tuning system. · Built−in mute circuit for IF count output. Weight: 1.2g (typ.) · Adjustable for IF count output sensitivity by external resistance of pin(2) (AM), and pin(3) (FM). · For adopting ceramic disc.

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