Part Number MB39C014
Manufacturer Cypress
Title 1 ch DC/DC Converter IC
Description The MB39C014 is a current mode type 1-channel DC/DC converter IC built-in switching FET, synchronous rectification, and down conversion support. T...
■ High efficiency : 96% (Max)
■ Output current (DC/DC) : 800 mA (Max)
■ Input voltage range : 2.5 V to 5.5 V
■ Operating frequency : 2.0/3.2 MHz (Typ)
■ No flyback diode needed
■ Low dropout operation : For 100% on duty
■ Built-in high-precision reference voltage generator : 1.20 V ± 2%...

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MB39C015 : The MB39C015 is a current mode type 2-channel DC/DC converter IC built-in voltage detection, synchronous rectifier, and down conversion support. The device is integrated with a switching FET, oscillator, error amplifier, PWM control circuit, reference voltage source, and voltage detection circuit. External inductor and decoupling capacitor are needed only for the external component. As combining with external parts enables a DC/DC converter with a compact and high load response characteristic, this is suitable as the built-in power supply for such as mobile phone/PDA, DVDs, and HDDs. ■ FEATURES • • • • • • • • • • • • High efficiency : 96% (Max) Output current (DC/DC) : 800 mA/ch (Max) Inpu.

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