BA351N Datasheet PDF

Part Number BA351N
Manufacturer Bencent
Title SMD Gas Discharge Tube
Description Bencent GDT Product Specification BA***N SMD Gas Discharge Tube(4.5×3.2×2.7mm) 1、FEATURES ˆ Surface Mounting Design UL Certificated E232249 ˆ ...
Features ˆ Surface Mounting Design UL Certificated E232249 ˆ Small Size Design EIA 1812 4.5×3.2×2.7mm ˆ High Current Handling Capability 1,000A @ 8/20μs ˆ Low Capacitance and Insertion Loss ˆ Fast Response and Long Service Life ˆ Reliable to Protect Electrostatic Surge ˆ Moisture sensitivity level:Level 1 W...

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Datasheet BA351N PDF File

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