CEP2103A Datasheet PDF

Part Number CEP2103A
Manufacturer ChipExtra
Title Wide-Input Sensorless CC/CV Step-Down DC/DC Converter
Description CEP2103A is a wide input voltage, high efficiency CC step-down DC/DC converter that operates in either CV (Constant Output Voltage) mode or CC (Co...
 42V Input Voltage Surge
 40V Steady State Operation
 Up to 3A output current
 Output Voltage 2.5V to 10V
 Resistor Programmable − Current Limit from 1.5A to 3A − Cable Compensation from 0Ω to 0.4Ω
 ±7.5% CC Accuracy − Compensation of Input /Output Voltage Change − Temperature Compensation
 2...

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Datasheet CEP2103A PDF File

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