CE8313 Datasheet PDF

Part Number CE8313
Manufacturer Chipower
Title 2.5A Boost Regulator
Description High Efficiency 1.25MHz, 2.5A Boost Regulator CE8313 Series „ INTRODUCTION: The CE8313 is a high efficiency boost switching regulator especially...
Features z 1.25MHz Switching Frequency z Built-in 80mΩ N-CH Power MOSFET Switch z PWM/PFM Auto Switching Maintains High Efficiency Overall Load Current Range z Up to 92% Efficiency: Delivers 1A@5V from Single Li ...

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Datasheet CE8313 PDF File

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CE8310 : High Efficiency 1MHz, 3A Boost Regulator CE8310 Series „ INTRODUCTION: The CE8310 is a high efficiency boost switching regulator designed for single cell lithium or two cells alkaline, NiMH, or NiCd battery powered applications. It generates an output voltage of up to 5.5V from an input voltage as low as 1.6V. Ideal for applications where space is limited, it switches at 1MHz, allowing the use of tiny, low cost and low profile external components, minimizes solution footprint. Its internal 3A, 100mΩ NMOS switch provides high efficiency even at heavy load, while the constant frequency, current mode architecture results in low, predictable output noise that is easy to filter. Internal freque.

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