ESDFBP05VL Datasheet PDF

Part Number ESDFBP05VL
Manufacturer Bruckewell
Title ESD Protection Diode
Description The ESDFBP05V is designed to protect voltage sensitive WBFBP-02L components that require ultra-low capacitance from ESD and transient voltage ...
• Ultra Low Capacitance 0.5 pF
• Low Clamping Voltage
• Small Body Outline Dimensions:
• Stand-off Voltage: 5 V
• Low Leakage
• Response Time is Typically 1.0 ns
• IEC61000-4-2 Level 4 ESD Protection
• This is a Pb-Free Device
• RoHS Compliant Package Complies with the following standards
• IEC61...

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Datasheet ESDFBP05VL PDF File

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