PFR03S Datasheet PDF

Part Number PFR03S
Manufacturer Susumu
Title Thick film chip resistors
Description Thick film surface mount resistors Thick film chip resistors ■ PFR series and GFR series Features ● TCR +/-100ppm/°C is realized for resistors ov...
● TCR +/-100ppm/°C is realized for resistors over 1MΩ
● The same terminal structure as thin film counterparts assures reliability
● In consideration of the environment, the glass passivation is Pb free and the resin passivation is halogen free. Specifications ▪ Dimensions *E-24 series are standar...

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Datasheet PFR03S PDF File

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PFR03R : PFR/GFR series, Thick Film chip resistors A temperature coefficient of resistance of Ϯ100ppm/ЊC has been achieved for resistance value greater than 1M Ω. High reliability is maintained: the electrode construction is the same as our thin film chip resistors. NEW PFR03 series with ultra small size chip resistor. SPECIFICATIONS Mechanical W P L T Dimension (mm) L W P T PFR03 NEW 0.60Ϯ0.03 0.30Ϯ0.03 0.12Ϯ0.05 0.23Ϯ0.03 PFR05,GFR05 1.00Ϯ0.05 0.50Ϯ0.05 0.20Ϯ0.10 0.35Ϯ0.05 Electrical Type PFR03 NEW PFR05 GFR05 Power 1/20W Jumper 1/16W Jumper 1/16W Resistance Tolerance (code) Ϯ1%(F) Ϯ5%(J) Ϯ2%(G)Ϯ5%(J) Ϫ Ϯ0.5%(D) Ϯ1%(F) Ϯ1%(F) Ϫ Ϯ1%(F) Ϯ5%(J) Resistance Range(⍀) 10ϳ91 100ϳ1M 3.

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