Part Number SPF7301
Manufacturer Sanken
Title Full Bridge DC Motor Driver
Description Full Bridge DC Motor Driver ICs SPF7301(under development) 10.5±0.3 Features ● A DMOS of low ON resistance (0.1Ω typ) is mounted on the high and...
● A DMOS of low ON resistance (0.1Ω typ) is mounted on the high and low side power elements
● Two input signals control the forward/reverse/brake of a DC motor
● Current limit and overcurrent protection circuits
● Low voltage and thermal protection, excess input detecting output and input terminal o...

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Datasheet SPF7301 PDF File

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SPF7302 : The SPF7302 is a fully protected, single chip full-bridge driver IC for DC brush motor applications. The various protection circuits integrated are: overvoltage protection (OVP); overcurrent protection (OCP) with latch, which is adapted to the DMOSFETs in each full bridge; undervoltage lockout (UVLO); open load detection; and overcurrent limitation. The package is a thermally enhanced 16-pin HSOP power package with an exposed thermal pad on the bottom side of the package. Not to scale Functional Block Diagram CP VBB VREF Diag High-Side OCL High-Side Gate Driver with OVP HS1 IN1 IN2 DI LS1 Low-Side Gate Driver Diag Low-Side OCL Diag Low-Side Gate Driver Low-Side OCP PGND.

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