Part Number XDPL8218
Manufacturer Infineon
Title Digital Flyback Controller
Description XDPL8218 Digital Flyback Controller IC XDP™ Digital Power Data Sheet Revision 1.0 Features • Single stage flyback controller with Power Factor Cor...
• Single stage flyback controller with Power Factor Correction (PFC)
• Secondary Side Regulated (SSR) Constant Voltage (CV) output
• Supports universal AC input (90 Vrms to 305 Vrms) and DC input
• High power quality from 33% to 100% load, with AC input up to 277 Vrms
• Typical Power Factor (PF) 0...

File Size 663.64KB
Datasheet XDPL8218 PDF File

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XDPL8210 : Description The XDPL8210 is a high performance configurable single-stage flyback controller with high power factor, primary side regulated constant current output and LP mode. The primary side control saves external components especially an opto coupler, thus reducing cost and effort and increasing reliability. With its integrated functionality, XDPL8210 enables an increase set of features without external parts. The digital core of the XDPL8210 and its advanced control algorithms provide multiple operation modes such as QRM1, DCM or Active Burst Mode (ABM). In addition, XDPL8210 includes an enhanced PFC function which can partially compensate the effect of the input capacitance on power f.

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