Part Number S-19212B30A
Manufacturer ABLIC
Description S-19212B/DxxA Series © ABLIC Inc., 2015-2018 AUTOMOTIVE, 125°C OPERATION, 36 V INPUT, 250 mA VOLTAGE REGULATOR Rev.5.2_00 The ...
• Output voltag...

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Datasheet S-19212B30A PDF File

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S-19212B30H : S-19212B/DxxH Series © ABLIC Inc., 2015-2017 FOR AUTOMOTIVE 105C OPERATION HIGH-WITHSTAND VOLTAGE LOW DROPOUT CMOS VOLTAGE REGULATOR Rev.3.2_01 The S-19212B/DxxH Series, developed by using high-withstand voltage CMOS process technology, is a positive voltage regulator with a high-withstand voltage, low current consumption and high-accuracy output voltage, and has a built-in ON / OFF circuit. The S-19212B/DxxH Series operates at the maximum operation voltage of 36 V and a low current consumption of 6.5 A typ., and has a built-in low on-resistance output transistor which provides a very small dropout voltage and a large output current. Also, a built-in overcurrent protect.

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