S-5420 Datasheet PDF

Part Number S-5420
Manufacturer ABLIC
Description S-5420 © ABLIC Inc., 2018-2019 ULTRAVIOLET LIGHT SENSOR, UV-A to UV-B SENSING Si PHOTODIODE Rev.1.2_00 The S-5420 is a photodiode...
Features ...

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Datasheet PDF File S-5420 PDF File

S-5420 S-5420 S-5420

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S-5470 : S-5470 Series © ABLIC Inc., 2012-2016 ULTRA-LOW CURRENT CONSUMPTION NORMALLY-OFF FAINT SIGNAL DETECTION IC Rev.1.3_02 The S-5470 Series, developed by CMOS technology, is a normally-off faint signal detection IC with an ultra-low current consumption. This IC has a function to detect certain current level of 0.7 nA typ., which makes it possible to detect faint signals for a variety of electric generating devices or sensor devices. It also has a function to detect the difference of current level, and thus detects difference between strengths of two signals input at the same time. Due to its ultra-low current consumption and low-voltage operation, the S-5470 Series is suitabl.

S-5470 : Power supply pin GND pin Reference current input pin Detection current input pin Output pin 4 Seiko Instruments Inc. ULTRA-LOW CURRENT CONSUMPTION PHOTOCURRENT DETECTION IC Rev.1.2_00 S-5470 Series „ Absolute Maximum Ratings Table 4 Item Symbol Power supply voltage Input voltage Output voltage CMOS output product Nch open-drain output product VDD VINP, VINM VOUT Output pin current Power dissipation Operation ambient temperature Storage temperature ISOURCE ISINK PD Topr Tstg *1. When mounted on board [Mounted board] (1) Board size: 114.3 mm × 76.2 mm × t1.6 mm (2) Name: JEDEC STANDARD51-7 (Ta = +25°C unless otherwise specified) Absolute Maximum Rating Unit VSS − 0.3 to VS.

S-5471 : S-5471 Series © ABLIC Inc., 2017 ENERGY HARVESTING VOLTAGE MONITORING IC WITH ULTRA-LOW CURRENT CONSUMPTION Rev.1.1_01 The S-5471 Series, developed by using CMOS technology, is a voltage monitoring IC with an ultra-low current consumption. Since the feed-through current in the IC is extremely low, the error can be reduced when the voltage of a power supply with high impedance is detected. In addition, since the detection voltage is extremely low, a tiny amount of power generated by energy harvesting can also be detected. Due to its ultra-low current consumption and low-voltage operation, the S-5471 Series is suitable for battery-operated small mobile devices.  Features .

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