Part Number BTNA29A3
Manufacturer CYStech
Title General Purpose NPN Epitaxial Planar Transistor
Description • The BTNA29A3 is a darlington amplifier transistor • Pb-free lead plating and halogen-free package Symbol BTNA29A3 C Outline TO-92 B B:Base ...
Features ute Maximum Ratings (Ta=25°C) Parameter Collector-Base Voltage Collector-Emitter Voltage Emitter-Base Voltage Collector Current Power Dissipation Operating Junction Temperature Range Storage Temperature Range Symbol VCBO VCES VEBO IC PD Tj Tstg Limits 100 100 12 0.5 625 -55~+150 -55~+150 Unit V ...

File Size 285.43KB
Datasheet BTNA29A3 PDF File

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