Part Number ADS7038
Manufacturer Texas Instruments
Title 12-Bit ADC
Description The ADS7038 is an easy-to-use, 8-channel, multiplexed, 12-bit, 1-MSPS, successive approximation register analog-to-digital converter (SAR ADC). Th...
•1 Small package size:
  – WQFN 3 mm × 3 mm
• 8 channels configurable as any combination of:
  – Up to 8 analog inputs, digital inputs, or digital outputs
• GPIOs for I/O expansion:
  – Open-drain, push-pull digital outputs
• Analog watchdog:
  – Programmable thresholds per channel
  – Event counter for trans...

File Size 1.56MB
Datasheet ADS7038 PDF File

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