Part Number MPXV1D0530LR15
Manufacturer KEMET
Title Metal Composite Power Inductor
Description SMD Inductors Metal Composite Power Inductors MPXV Automotive Grade Overview The KEMET MPXV metal composite inductors are ideal for use in DC to ...
Features m D0840 = 8x8x4.0 mm D1040 = 10x10x4.0 mm D1054 = 10x10x5.4 mm D1235 = 12x12x3.5 mm D1250 = 12x12x5.0 mm D1264 = 12x12x6.4 mm D1740 = 17x17x4.0 mm D1770 = 17x17x7.0 mm D2213 = 22x22x13.0 mm   L Inductor 1R5 Inductance Code µH The first two digits represent the inductance value. The third digit i...

File Size 2.19MB
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