Part Number ZSSC4151
Manufacturer Renesas
Title Automotive Sensor Signal Conditioner
Description ..... 2 ...
Features .... 5 2.3.2. Analog Front-End Characteristics ..... 5 2.3.3. Temperature Measurement .......

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ZSSC4151 : ..... 2 2 Electrical Characteristics .... 3 2.1. Absolute Maximum Ratings..... 3 2.2. Operating Conditions ... 4 2.3. Electrical Parameters ...

ZSSC4151C : The ZSSC4151C is a member of Renesas’s family of CMOS integrated circuits for highly accurate amplification and sensorspecific correction of differential bridge sensor signals. Featuring a maximum analog pre-amplification of 200, the ZSSC4151C is adjustable to nearly all resistive sensor bridges. Digital compensation of offset, sensitivity, temperature drift, and nonlinearity is accomplished via a 16-bit RISC microcontroller. Calibration coefficients and configuration data are stored in the ZSSC4151C nonvolatile memory (NVM), which is reliable in automotive applications. Measured values are provided via a ratiometric analog output signal at the AOUT pin. End-of-line calibration is also suppo.

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