Part Number IS82C50A-5Z
Manufacturer Renesas
Title CMOS Serial Controller Interface
Description SYMBOL DISTR, DISTR PIN NUMBER 22 21 TYPE I I DOSTR, 19 I DOSTR 18 I D0-D7 1-8 I/O A0, A1, 28, 27, I A2 26 I XTAL1, 16 I XTA...
• Single Chip UART/BRG
• DC to 625K Baud (DC to 10MHz Clock)
• Crystal or External Clock Input
• On Chip Baud Rate Generator 1 to 65535 Divisor Generates 16X Clock
• Prioritized Interrupt Mode
• Fully TTL/CMOS Compatible
• Microprocessor Bus Oriented Interface
• 80C86/80C88 Compatible
• Scaled SAJI ...

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