Part Number SLA7078MPRT
Manufacturer Sanken
Title Unipolar 2-Phase Stepper Motor Driver
Description This document describes the SLA7070MPRT series, which are unipolar 2-phase stepping motor driver ICs. The SLA7070MPRT series employs a clock input...
Features and Benefits
• Power supply voltages, VBB : 46 V (max.), 10 to 44 V normal operating range
• Logic supply voltages, VDD : 3.0 to 5.5 V
• Maximum output currents: 1 A, 1.5 A, 2 A, 3 A
• Built-in sequencer
• Full-, half-, and microstepping available (microstepping options are capable of full-, half-, ...

File Size 1.21MB
Datasheet SLA7078MPRT PDF File

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