FDM3622 Datasheet PDF

Part Number FDM3622
Manufacturer ON Semiconductor
Title N-Channel MOSFET
Description This N−Channel MOSFET is produced using onsemi’s advanced POWERTRENCH process that has been especially tailored to minimize the on−state resistanc...
• Max rDS(on) = 60 mW at VGS = 10 V, ID = 4.4 A
• Max rDS(on) = 80 mW at VGS = 6.0 V, ID = 3.8 A
• Low Miller Charge
• Low QRR Body Diode
• Optimized efficiency at high frequencies
• UIS Capability (Single Pulse and Repetitive Pulse)
• This Device is Pb−Free, Halide Free and is RoHS Compliant MOSFE...

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Datasheet FDM3622 PDF File

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FDM3622 : This N-Channel MOSFET is produced using Fairchild Semiconductor’s advanced PowerTrench process that has been especially tailored to minimize the on-state resistance and yet maintain low gate charge for superior switching performance. Applications Distributed Power Architectures and VRMs Primary Switch for 24V and 48V Systems High Voltage Synchronous Rectifier Formerly developmental type 82744 1 2 3 4 8 7 6 5 MicroFET 3.3 x 3.3 ©2005 Fairchild Semiconductor Corporation FDM3622 Rev. A 1 FDM3622 N-Channel PowerTrench® MOSFET MOSFET Maximum Ratings TC = 25°C unless otherwise noted Symbol VDSS VGS Parameter Drain to Source Voltage Gate to Source Voltage Drain Curren.

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