Part Number DA7280-A
Manufacturer Renesas
Title Wideband LRA/ERM Haptic Driver
Description DA7280-A is a linear resonant actuator (LRA) and eccentric rotating mass (ERM) haptic driver offering automatic closed-loop LRA resonant frequency...
■ AEC Q-100 Grade 2 Qualified
■ Actuator diagnostics and fault handling
■ LRA or ERM drive capability
■ Automatic LRA resonant frequency tracking
■ Wideband LRA support
■ I2C and PWM input streaming
■ Low latency (0.75 ms) I2C/GPI wake-up from low power consumption IDLE state, IQ = 0.36 µA
■ No ...

File Size 1.41MB
Datasheet DA7280-A PDF File

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