SY89297U Datasheet PDF

Part Number SY89297U
Manufacturer Microchip
Title Precision CML Dual-Channel Programmable Delay
Description The SY89297U is a DC-3.2 Gbps programmable, two-channel delay line. Each channel has a delay range from 2 ns to 7 ns (5 ns delta delay) in program...
• Dual-Channel, Programmable Delay Line
• Serial Programming Interface (SDATA, SCLK, SLOAD)
• Guaranteed AC Performance over Temperature and Voltage: - 3.2 Gbps/1.6 GHz fMAX
• Programming Accuracy: - Linearity:
  –15 ps to +15 ps INL - Monotonic:
  –5 ps to +25 ps - Resolution: 5 ps Programming Increme...

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Datasheet SY89297U PDF File

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SY89297U : The SY89297U is a DC-3.2Gbps programmable, twochannel delay line. Each channel has a delay range from 2ns to 7ns (5ns delta delay) in programmable increments as small as 5ps. The delay step is extremely linear and monotonic over the entire programming range, with 15ps INL over temperature and voltage. The delay varies in discrete steps based on a serial control word provided by the 3-pin serial control (SDATA, SCLK, and SLOAD). The control word for each channel is 10-bits. Both channels are programmed through a common serial interface. For increased delay, multiple SY89297U delay lines can be cascaded together. The SY89297U provides two independent 3.2Gbps delay lines in an ultra-small 4mm x.

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