TMS320F2800154-Q1 Datasheet PDF

Part Number TMS320F2800154-Q1
Manufacturer Texas Instruments
Title Real-Time Microcontrollers
Description TMS320F2800157-Q1, TMS320F2800157, TMS320F2800156-Q1, TMS320F2800155-Q1 TMS320F2800155, TMS320F2800154-Q1, TMS320F2800153-Q1, TMS320F2800152-Q1 SP...
• 32-bit lockstep dual-TMS320C28x core at 120 MHz
  – IEEE 754 Floating-Point Unit (FPU)
  – Trigonometric Math Unit (TMU)
  – CRC Engine and Instructions (VCRC)
• On-chip memory
  – 256KB (128KW) of single bank flash (ECCprotected)
  – 36KB (18KW) of RAM (ECC/Parity-protected)
  – Security
• Zero-pi...

File Size 6.76MB
Datasheet TMS320F2800154-Q1 PDF File

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