ADS58J63 Datasheet PDF

Part Number ADS58J63
Manufacturer Texas Instruments
Title 500-MSPS Telecom Receiver
Description The ADS58J63 is a low-power, wide-bandwidth, 14bit, 500-MSPS, quad-channel, telecom receiver device. The ADS58J63 supports a JESD204B serial inter...
•1 Quad Channel
• 14-Bit Resolution
• Maximum Clock Rate: 500 MSPS
• Input Bandwidth (3 dB): 900 MHz
• On-Chip Dither
• Analog Input Buffer with High-Impedance Input
• Output Options:
  – Rx: Decimate-by-2 and -4 Options with LowPass Filter
  – 200-MHz Complex Bandwidth or 100-MHz Real Bandwidth Support...

File Size 5.33MB
Datasheet ADS58J63 PDF File

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ADS58J64 : The ADS58J64 is a low-power, wide-bandwidth, 14bit, 1-GSPS, quad-channel, telecom receiver device. The ADS58J64 supports a JESD204B serial interface with data rates up to 10 Gbps with one lane per channel. The buffered analog input provides uniform input impedance across a wide frequency range and minimizes sample-and-hold glitch energy. The ADS58J64 provides excellent spurious-free dynamic range (SFDR) over a large input frequency range with very low power consumption. The digital signal processing block includes complex mixers followed by low-pass filters with decimate-by-2 and -4 options supporting up to a 200-MHz receive bandwidth. The ADS58J64 also supports a 14-bit, 500-MSPS output in.

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