SMS2012-C Datasheet PDF

Part Number SMS2012-C
Manufacturer SeCoS
Title N-Ch Enhancement Mode Power MOSFET
Description The SMS2012-C is the highest performance trench N-ch MOSFETs with extreme high cell density, which provide excellent RDS(ON) and gate charge for m...
 Advanced High Cell Density Trench Technology
 Super Low Gate Charge
 Green Device Available MARKING 2012 F  = Date code PACKAGE INFORMATION Package MPQ SOT-23 3K Leader Size 7 inch ORDER INFORMATION Part Number Type SMS2012-C Lead (Pb)-free and Halogen-free MAXIMUM RATINGS Param...

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Datasheet SMS2012-C PDF File

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SMS201 : The SMS201 is a silicon Schottky diode in a molded plastic DFN package. It is designed for a broadband zero bias detector. It has a high cutoff frequency and can be used beyond 26.5 GHz for power detection up to 10 dBm. Rev. V1 Case 0503 - Molded Plastic DFN Package Electrical Specifications: TA = +25°C Parameter Test Conditions Units Min. Breakdown Voltage (VB) IR = 100 µA V1 Forward Voltage (VF) IF = 100 µA mV 60 Total Capacitance (CT) VR = 0 V, 6 - 8 GHz pF — Video Resistance (RV) IF = 50 mA Ω 2000 Tangential Signal Sensitivity (TSS) NF -3 dB, 10 GHz dBm — Voltage Sensitivity (y) PIN = -30 dBm, Video BW = 500 KHz, 10 GHz mV/mW — Typ. — 80 0.

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