Part Number D5SB20
Manufacturer Leshan Radio Company
Title High Current Glass Passivated Molding Single-Phase Bridge Rectifier
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D5SB20 : SHINDENGEN General Purpose Rectifiers SIL Bridges D5SB20 200V 6A FEATURES •œ Thin Single In-Line Package •œ High IFSM •œ Applicable to Automatic Insertion APPLICATION OUTLINE DIMENSIONS Case : 5S Unit : mm •œ Switching power supply •œ Home Appliances, Office Equipment •œ Telecommunication, Factory Automation RATINGS •œAbsolute Maximum Ratings (If not specified Tc=25•Ž) Item Symbol Conditions Ratings Unit Storage Temperature Tstg -40•`150 •Ž Operating Junction Temperature Tj 150 •Ž VRM Maximum Reverse Voltage 200 V IO 50Hz sine wave, R-load With heatsink Tc=111•Ž Average Rectified Forward Current 6 A 50Hz sine wave, R-load Without heatsink Ta=25•Ž 2.8 Peak Surge Forward Current IFSM 50Hz .

D5SB20 : SHANGHAI SUNRISE ELECTRONICS CO., LTD. D5SB10 THRU D5SB80 SINGLE PHASE GLASS PASSIVATED SIP BRIDGE RECTIFIER VOLTAGE: 100 TO 800V CURRENT: 6.0A FEATURES • Glass passivated junction chip • Ideal for printed circuit board • Reliable low cost construction utilizing molded plastic technique • Surge overload rating: 150 A peak • High temperature soldering guaranteed: 250oC/10sec/ 0.575" (9.5mm) lead length at 5 lbs tension TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION D5-SB MECHANICAL DATA • Terminal: Plated leads solderable per MIL-STD 202E, method 208C • Case: UL-94 Class V-O recognized flame retardant epoxy • Polarity: Polarity symbol marked on body • Mounting position: Any Dimensions in inches and (millimeters.

D5SB20 : Elektronische Bauelemente D5SB10 ~ D5SB100 100 V ~ 1000 V 6.0 Amp High Current Glass Passivated Molding Single-Phase Bridge Rectifier RoHS Compliant Product A suffix of “-C” specifies halogen-free and RoHS Compliant FEATURES  Plastic Package has Underwriters Laboratory Flammability Classification 94V-0  This Series is UL listed under the Recognized Component index, file number E231047  Single-in-line package  High current capacity with small package  Superior thermal conductivity  High temperature soldering guaranted: 260°C / 10 seconds  High IFSM R A C J D5-25SB N O P GB H MD F K E REF. A B C D E G J F Millimeter Min. 29.7 19.7 4.4 Max. 30.3 20.3 4.8 17.0 18.0 0.6 .

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