CXG1051AFN Datasheet PDF

Part Number CXG1051AFN
Manufacturer Sony Corporation
Title Power Amplifier/Antenna Switch + Low Noise Down Conversion Mixer for PHS
Description The CXG1051AFN is an MMIC consisting of the power amplifier, antenna switch and low noise down conversion mixer. This IC is designed using the Son...
• Operates at a single positive power supply: VDD = 3V
• Small mold package: 26-pin HSOF Power amplifier/antenna switch transmitter block
• Low current consumption: IDD = 150mA (POUT = 20.2dBm, f = 1.9GHz)
• High power gain: Gp = 39dB Typ. (POUT = 20.2dBm, f = 1.9GHz) Antenna switch receiver blo...

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Datasheet CXG1051AFN PDF File

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