RFM4N35 Datasheet PDF

Part Number RFM4N35
Manufacturer Intersil Corporation
Title 4A/ 350V and 400V/ 2.000 Ohm/ N-Channel Power MOSFETs
Description RFM4N35, RFM4N40, RFP4N35, RFP4N40 Semiconductor Data Sheet October 1998 File Number 1491.3 4A, 350V and 400V, 2.000 Ohm, N-Channel Power MOSF...
• 4A, 350V and 400V
• rDS(ON) = 2.000Ω
• Related Literature - TB334 “Guidelines for Soldering Surface Mount Components to PC Boards” [ [ /Title /Title These are N-channel enhancement-mode silicon-gate (RFM4N () power field effect transistors designed for applications such 35, as switching regulators...

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Datasheet RFM4N35 PDF File

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