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Freescale Semiconductor, Inc. Order Number: MC33253/D Rev 3, 03/2001 Advance Information MC33253 55 VOLTS SEMICONDUCT...


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Freescale Semiconductor, Inc. Order Number: MC33253/D Rev 3, 03/2001 Advance Information MC33253 55 VOLTS SEMICONDUCTOR TECHNICAL DATA Full Bridge Pre-Driver The MC33253 is a full bridge driver including integrated charge pump, two independent high and low side driver channels. The high and low side drivers include a cross conduction suppressio
More View n circuit, which, if enabled, prevents the external power FETs from being on at the same time. The drive outputs are capable to source and sink 1 A pulse peak current. The low side channel is referenced to ground, the high side channel is floating above ground. A linear regulator provides a maximum of 15.5V to supply the low side gate driver stages. The high side driver stages are supplied with a 10V charge pump voltage. Such built-in feature, associated to external capacitor provides a full floating high side drive. An under- and over-voltage protection prevents erratic system operation at abnormal supply voltages. Under fault, these functions force the driver stages into off state. The logic inputs are compatible with standard CMOS or LSTTL outputs. The input hysteresis makes the output switching time independent of the input transition time. The global enable logic signal can be used to disable the charge pump and all the bias circuit. The net advantage is the reduction of the quiescent supply current to under 10µA. To wake up the circuit, 5 V has to be provided at G_EN. A built-in single supply operational amplifier could be used to feedback information from the output load to the external MCU. • VCC Operating Voltage Range from 5.5 V up to 55 V • VCC2 Operating Voltage Range from 5.5 V up to 28 V • Automotive Temperature Range -40°C to 125°C • 1A Pulse Current Output Driver • Fast PWM Capability • Built-In Charge Pump • Cross Conduction Suppression Circuit Freescale Semiconductor, Inc... DW SUFFIX PLASTIC PACKAGE CASE 751F-05 PIN CONNECTIONS (TOP VIEW) CASE 751F-05 VCC C2 CP_OUT 1 2 3 28 ISOUT 27 G_EN 26 /CCS 25 SRC_HS2 24 GATE_HS2 23 /IN_HS2 22 IN_HS2 21 /IN_LS2 20 IN_LS2 19 GATE_LS2 18 GND2 17 IS-IN 16 IS+IN 15 C1 SRC_HS1 4 GATE_HS1 5 /IN_HS1 IN_HS1 /IN_LS1 IN_LS1 6 7 8 9 GATE_LS1 10 GND1 LR_OUT VCC2 GND_A 11 12 13 14 ORDERING INFORMATION Device PC33253DW Temperature Range -40oC to +125oC Package SOIC28 This document contains information on a new product. Specifications and information herein are subject to change without notice. © Motorola, Inc., 2001. All rights reserved. For More Information On This Product, Go to: Page 1/15 MC33253 Freescale Semiconductor, Inc. Figure 1. Principal Building Blocks Ccp C1 VCC UV/OV Detect VDD VCC VCC RDY EN GND G_EN VCC2 VCC2 +13.5 V VDD CP_OUT CLR_OUT LR_OUT Vgs_hs Charge Pump C1 C2 Vpos +13.5 V CCP_OUT 5.5 V... 55 V Linear +5.0 V EN Reg GND +13.5 V HIGH AND LOW SIDE CONTROL WITH

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